Welcome to Sidlabs.

First of all, let me clear you that Sidlabs Solutions is not another startup company. It’s rather a platform where people will be able to find solutions which will make their lives easier. Sidlabs is an initiative by few software engineers who are very much willing to solve different world problems by making innovative and intuitive applications. We are very much willing to promote open source solutions and applications and will be implementing different open standards currently available.

Our main focus area would be B2B market place,social applications and hybrid mobile applications which will be taking advantage of modern web technologies to sort out different problems.

So whether you’re a software engineer or an entrepreneur, a clerk or a housewife, all of you are most welcome to participate because we believe that anyone can think of an idea regardless of qualification. Perhaps your idea might bring a good change in the world. Maybe an idea of yours bring smile on someone face?

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