There is no question that Google is the No.1 search engine at this moment. I assume that 80% of Internet users use Google for search. Google’s efficient algorithms give you what you are looking for, even more than what are you looking for. Sometimes this search journey takes more time and we often don’t get what were actually looking for. At times it happens that your friends guide you by providing better resources pertain to your choice. You would rely on friends or community of professionals’ advice more than results returned by machine algorithms.

Now would it not be cool if you open Google to search best recipe of Chicken Karhai and find a recommendations by your friend who had already tried it last week? How about looking for a shopping cart script to implement for your client and you find advice from a friend not to use it due to some genuine reasons. Now search could be social too and sooner Sidlabs going to launch Social Search system where you can recommend links to your friends or they can recommend you. This would shift the trust from machine algorithms to friends. After all our friends care us more than machine algorithms. Stay tuned! We are launching the application by the end of this year.

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