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Last month we came up with B2B Select, a tool which helps B2B Customers to search 3 leading B2B portals. The tool has started gaining some momentum as the users are trying it out.  According to initial stats, following are the keywords which were searched on B2B Select

  1. Rice
  2. iPhone
  3. Nike

If you are  customer from US or Europe and looking for goods in Asia,B2B Select can help you to find out right results infront of you.  Visit

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Sidlabs launches ‘B2B Select’

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Sidlabs Soutions has launched its first project called B2B Select. B2B Select is a tool which would help B2B customers to search their desired information in 3 big B2B portals: TradeKey,Alibaba and GlobalSorces. This service provides a one window view of search results which helps to figure out which portal meets your requirement. The tool is based on BlindSearch.

This tool can also help sellers to figure out which keyword is more demanding so that they can use that keyword in their future leads.

The tool is currently in beta phase. For more information visit the following link:

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