Search Circle Pilot Demo

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Long time back I made a post about importance of Social Search and it’s importance. I had made a video of it to let others know how this stuff works. I am not sure future of my product but .. I am releasing video anyway.

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Am I Beautiful? Using technology to make someone feel pretty

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Am I Beautiful? This is the question which I think everyone including men would have asked themselves while looking into mirror.

It’s so difficult to define what’s Beauty. As some one said: Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder so it makes me believe that beauty is relative.

There are millions of people who believe that they are not beautiful , they are tortured by their family people due to their looks, friends humiliate them because of their “unacceptable” looks. The most pathetic is when their own family members; parents, siblings hurt them all the time. The end result? mere disaster, such people lose hope, they don’t make attempts to find out their inner being. They start believing what others say and they do this because they believe that what others are saying is right while in reality they are DAMN WRONG! Such people start going into isolation. They don’t get mingled with others.

So, the question is, do such people are really ugly? No it’s not like that, the thing is, others usually find the positive things in such “Ugly” looking people. They find qualities in them which they actually don’t posses. What they do then that they start exposing something which is meaningless so that others don’t perform well.

So, can these people be cured? Can someone start making them feel that those who curse them are nothing but MORONS? OK! so what’s the cure? Nothing but a loyal friend. A friend which can make them realize that they are most wonderful people on earth.

Being a software developer and innovator(A wannabe one), An idea came across my mind that .. Why shouldn’t I come up with an iPhone app that can make one feel beautiful?  that make them feel lovely all the time? So,a month back I started working on it. The idea was simple and yet attractive(I think so!) that I did not consider wasting time. Since this is my start as an iPhone developer so did not want to get into something which is complex hence I just worked on simple idea.

Finally the thing is completed and submitted to Apple, let’s see when would I get answer. But the whole purpose of this app is to make technology useful for others. Innovation for Humanity which is my moto, I will always be trying to implement it in real.

If you believe in that every one is beautiful on this planet and believe in that a technology could do wonders then do LIKE my Facebook Page for the app, AM I BEAUTIFUL. The App is available at Appstore.

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Do the businesses understand the worth of RSS feeds?

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RSS feeds are not so new anymore. Anyone who is aware of blogging clearly understand that RSS/Atom feeds provide a gateway to publish content over web so that interested users can have updates. RSS feeds are quite efficient and simplest way to let others know what are you talking about. The availability of RSS integration in modern web browsers and email clients have given enormous exposure to reach your user base by various means. SO whether you are on mobile, chatting online,checking mails or surfing web, you can have instant access about the things you are interested to.

Web 2.0 have turned plain old Internet into a lively platform. Blogs,social networking platforms like Twitter/Facebook have provided real time interactivity between netizens. Many businesses embraced the change and started to look for people who are social media experts; the people who interact with users via different platforms like blogs,social networking sites like Facebook/MySpace or micro-blogging platform like Twitter. They have established twitter accounts,blogs or Facebook Fan pages where they publish deals,updates and other news pertain to their business.

Currently RSS feeds are being used  in form of blog contents, Twitter and others but as a matter of fact, not every company is able to have a content writer which can write beautiful content to promote their business ideas or product nor every company can afford to set up a blog on their hosting providers.

The question is, if a business can’t afford to set up a blog, can’t they get the ability to use RSS to communicate with customers? One of the core advantage of RSS is that it provides off-site communication that is, a person does not need to visit a URL every time to know the updates. Since every one is busy and seeks easier ways to have information, companies or businesses who don’t embrace the change fail to compete with those who takes extra measures to reach out to their customers.

The reality is, it’s not necessary to have a blog or hire a social media expert to work as a mouthpiece of your business/products. Most of the sites already have NEWS/Announcement/PRESS RELEASE section. By transforming that information into RSS Feeds, the businesses can invade several uncharted territories with minimal or no cost. Imagine your RSS feeds are being propagated by your own users via different social platforms. You would not need to hire a marketing person to promote your businesses. Your users would do at their own and with open hearts.

Due to this vary fact, Sidlabs is initiating a project to help businesses to utilize the power of RSS feeds with minimal efforts. We are conducting a survey to find the interest of business. This short survey which would hardly takes 5 minutes will help you and us to learn how serious you are to promote your own business. You access Survey on following URL:

More Information about advantage of RSS in online business is given here

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Social Search

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There is no question that Google is the No.1 search engine at this moment. I assume that 80% of Internet users use Google for search. Google’s efficient algorithms give you what you are looking for, even more than what are you looking for. Sometimes this search journey takes more time and we often don’t get what were actually looking for. At times it happens that your friends guide you by providing better resources pertain to your choice. You would rely on friends or community of professionals’ advice more than results returned by machine algorithms.

Now would it not be cool if you open Google to search best recipe of Chicken Karhai and find a recommendations by your friend who had already tried it last week? How about looking for a shopping cart script to implement for your client and you find advice from a friend not to use it due to some genuine reasons. Now search could be social too and sooner Sidlabs going to launch Social Search system where you can recommend links to your friends or they can recommend you. This would shift the trust from machine algorithms to friends. After all our friends care us more than machine algorithms. Stay tuned! We are launching the application by the end of this year.

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Quran via twitter

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A free twitter based service has been launched which will be tweeting one verse a day from The Holy Quran. More details can be read here.

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Online Advertising and Human nature

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Few Weeks back I asked the following question on LinkedIn:

Ad Revenue is one of the basic models of generating revenue on Internet. Google’s main income is Ads revenue? Being an old web surfer, I don’t pay attention on Ads; be it on Web, on my IM client. I wonder whether people really click on Ads. If yes then why? Is it because they are paid for it(Adsense etc) or they are really looking for Info via Ads? If people like Ads so much then can Human Intelligence be used to show relevant Ads instead of depending on AI?

I got quite quite interesting responses by the user. I am interested to know what you people think about it? What kind of  advertisement system will you prefer which does not annoy you either.

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Top Searches on B2B

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Last month we came up with B2B Select, a tool which helps B2B Customers to search 3 leading B2B portals. The tool has started gaining some momentum as the users are trying it out.  According to initial stats, following are the keywords which were searched on B2B Select

  1. Rice
  2. iPhone
  3. Nike

If you are  customer from US or Europe and looking for goods in Asia,B2B Select can help you to find out right results infront of you.  Visit

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Sidlabs launches ‘B2B Select’

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Sidlabs Soutions has launched its first project called B2B Select. B2B Select is a tool which would help B2B customers to search their desired information in 3 big B2B portals: TradeKey,Alibaba and GlobalSorces. This service provides a one window view of search results which helps to figure out which portal meets your requirement. The tool is based on BlindSearch.

This tool can also help sellers to figure out which keyword is more demanding so that they can use that keyword in their future leads.

The tool is currently in beta phase. For more information visit the following link:

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What is Sidlabs

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Welcome to Sidlabs.

First of all, let me clear you that Sidlabs Solutions is not another startup company. It’s rather a platform where people will be able to find solutions which will make their lives easier. Sidlabs is an initiative by few software engineers who are very much willing to solve different world problems by making innovative and intuitive applications. We are very much willing to promote open source solutions and applications and will be implementing different open standards currently available.

Our main focus area would be B2B market place,social applications and hybrid mobile applications which will be taking advantage of modern web technologies to sort out different problems.

So whether you’re a software engineer or an entrepreneur, a clerk or a housewife, all of you are most welcome to participate because we believe that anyone can think of an idea regardless of qualification. Perhaps your idea might bring a good change in the world. Maybe an idea of yours bring smile on someone face?

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